Last Updated: March 11, 2023

Starting March 11, 2023 MyFavTutor charges a nominal fee of between INR 1200 and INR 2400 for a 1 year subcription, depending upon the plan selected. MyFavTutor, at its sole discretion, may offer discounts or complete waiver on subscription fee Tutors from time to time. Offers and discounts from MyFavTutor may be provided to all or selected Tutors, as decided by MyFavTutor Management from time to time.

These minimal subscriptions Fees help MyFavTutor to cover our basic cost to host the service, provide support for users of our system and most importantly to verify every Tutor and Student sign-ups before their profiles or requirements are published on our system. We also use these fees to advertise to students. It is our goal to keep costs to the bare minimum for Tutors while providing a safe and high quality matching service for Tutors, Students and Institutions. At these rates MyFavTutor cannot guarantee immediate leads or job offerings. My Favtutor’s primary goal is to equip tutors with the tools needed to increase their internet profile and increase their chances of getting hired by Students or Institutions.

Tutors will get leads throughout their subscription period (1 year unless stated otherwise) through direct contact by students, profile matching or jobs posted in the Tutors Wanted section by the students. MyFavTutor does not charge any additional fee for providing leads. Furthermore, MyFavTutor does not charge tutors any commission on their earnings from students.


Due to the low subscription fees, MyFavTutor will charge INR 499 for upgrades from Standard to Premium plan regardless of date during a subscription. The end date of the new Premium Plan will be 1 year from the date of the upgrade. E.g. If you are 11 month into a subscription and upgrade will add 13 month to your subscription. Upgrades are possible any time during the subscription, even 1 day before the end date.


Once the Subscription expires the account will be converted to a basic account and some features disabled. NO account will be automatically renewed or charged! Tutors will be informed in advance if their subscription is about the end.


Tutors, Institutes or Students can cancel their accounts with MyFavTutor at any point of time. To cancel their accounts, a formal mail needs to be sent to No reason must be given for cancellation.

Cancellations will effectively hide the profile from Public View. No more leads will be sent and the user may not contact any Student through the system.


MyFavTutor cannot guarantee a specific number of leads within a given period of time for the Tutors, since it depends upon the requirements of the Students as well as parameters such as location of the Tutor, experience and other criteria used to match a Student’s requirement with a Tutor. Not getting enough leads or not converting leads to students does not constitute a reason for refund demands. At the very low subscription fees, refund requests will not be entertained.

Account Removal:

User accounts remain on the system for as long there are active or have a running subscription. Users have the option to hide their account through their user profile. Hidden profiles are inactive, won’t receive or are able to send messages.

Removal by Request:

Users may contact MyFavTutor and request their profile and data to be removed from the system. Removal requests must be sent via email or support and may take 30 days. Any active subscription will be cancelled. The user will be notified once the removal is complete.

Removal of Incomplete Accounts:

Accounts with incomplete profiles will be automatically removed 6-12 month after the last login.

Removal of Inactive Accounts:

Inactive accounts with no active subscription will be automatically removed 6-12 month after the last login.