Last Updated: April 02, 2021

MyFavTutor charges a nominal subscription fee of between INR 2,500 and INR 10,000 annually, depending upon the subscription plan selected. MyFavTutor, at its sole discretion, may offer discounts or complete waiver on subscription fee Tutors from time to time. Offers and discounts from MyFavTutor may be provided to all or selected Tutors, as decided by MyFavTutor Management from time to time.

Tutors will get leads throughout their subscription period through direct contact by students, profile matching or jobs posted in the Tutors Wanted section by the students. MyFavTutor does not charge any additional fee for providing leads. Furthermore, MyFavTutor does not charge tutors any commission on their earnings from students.


Tutors, Institutes or Students can cancel their accounts with MyFavTutor at any point of time. To cancel their accounts, a formal mail needs to be sent to, citing the reasons for cancellation.

Note: Refunds or Cancellation are not applicable for renewals.


Please note that MyFavTutor does not guarantee a specific number of leads within a given period of time for the Tutors, since it depends upon the requirements of the Students as well as parameters such as location of the Tutor, experience and other criteria used to match a Student’s requirement with a Tutor. Thus, not getting enough leads or not converting leads to students cannot be a reason for Tutors to demand refunds.

However, if a tutor does not get a single lead within 90 calendar days from the date of subscribing to a paid plan, he / she will have the discretion to request MyFavTutor to extend the subscription plan by another 90 days without any additional charges or refund the fee paid by the tutor towards Promotion and Lead Generation charges. Account setup fee and website set up fee are non-refundable. Tutor needs to write a formal email to citing the reason for seeking refund.

Other than above mentioned condition, subscription fee will not be refundable under any circumstances.

Note: Refunds or Cancellation are not applicable for renewals.