MyFavTutor Referral Program

A unique offering from MyFavTutor, the Referral Program opens a new option to earn money through referrals. It is a great opportunity for you to become a MyFavTutor Reseller, leverage your contacts and earn handsome referral fee.

The Referral Program is a three-tier referral system that helps you earn even when someone in your referral list refers a new tutor.

How does it work?

The Referral Program of MyFavTutor works similar to what most Multilevel marketing schemes work. This is a network based marketing schemes, in which you have to add more persons under you. These people may be Tutors or other Referrers. The people obviously pay some money to “join” MyFavtTutor and you earn an incentive ranging from Rs. 200 – Rs. 500 per joining, depending upon the package selected by the new joiner. The best part is that when these people add more people under them, you still get incentives ranging from Rs. 50 – Rs. 200, depending upon the level of the person.

Please watch the video that explain how the Referral Scheme works

How to refer?

The process is simple. Just fill in the form below and register yourself as a Reseller. Then login to your MyFavTutor dashboard and start referring.

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